Simulations using Smith & Sandwell Bathymetry

Issued June 2007

This page presents the output from a 10 day unforced (no atmospheric fluxes, no tides) rigid lid simulation, initialized with summer climatology created using June-August profiles and the HydroBase2 software. The two cases differ in the initial transport between Taiwan and Mainland China.

To see a series of images for each case, click on the desired image below. To obtain a model output from each case, click on the model file name below.

Initial TransportImages Model Output
2Sv S
1Sv N

To help extract data from these files in Matlab, we include the function readhopspe.m. To use this function, you'll also need to download

  1. The appropriate mexnc for your system
  2. the NetCDF ToolBox
Then you need to edit your MATLABPATH to include the necessary directories. In the below example, both mexnc and the NetCDF ToolBox were installed in the directory /matlab/toolbox/local
Notice that you have to include to additional subdirectories that are part of the NetCDF ToolBox.