Oceanography, Vol. 18, No. 4, December 2005
Special Issue: The Indonesian Seas

Special Issue Features

Oceanography of the Indonesian Seas and Their Throughflow (4.6 MB pdf)
by A.L. Gordon

Discovering the Indonesian Throughflow (244 KB pdf)
by K. Wyrtki

Dutch Oceanographic Research in Indonesia in Colonial Times (1.2 MB pdf)
by H.M. van Aken

Progress in Oceanography of the Indonesian Seas: A Historical Perspective (520 KB pdf)
by J.I. Pariwono, A.G. Ilahude, and M. Hutomo

Sea Surface Temperature and its Variability in the Indonesian Region (1.4 MB pdf)
by T. Qu, Y. Du, J. Strachan, G. Meyers, and J. Slingo

M2 Baroclinic Tides in the Indonesian Seas (1 MB pdf)
by R. Robertson and A. Ffield

A Brief Overview of Tides in the Indonesian Seas (1.6 MB pdf)
by R.D. Ray, G.D. Egbert, and S.Y. Erofeeva

Ocean Internal Waves Observed in the Lombok Strait (1 MB pdf)
by R.D. Susanto, L. Mitnik, and Q. Zheng

Ekman Mass and Heat Transport in the Indonesian Seas (2.7 MB pdf)
by J. Sprintall and W.T. Liu

Indonesian Throughflow Transport Variability Estimated from Satellite Altimetry (728 KB pdf)
by J.T. Potemra

Indonesian Seas Finestructure Variability (448 KB pdf)
by A. Ffield and R. Robertson

Seasonal Variation of Pelagic Fish Catch Around Java (1.5 MB pdf)
by N. Hendiarti, Suwarso, E. Aldrian, K. Amri, R. Andiastuti, S.I. Sachoemar, and I.B. Wahyono

Effect of the 1997/98 El Niño on Chlorophyll a Variability Along the Southern Coasts of Java and Sumatra (956 KB pdf)
by R.D. Susanto and J. Marra

From the Guest Editor: Oceanography of the Indonesian Seas (76 KB pdf)
by A.L. Gordon

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