Nantucket-Martha's Vineyard Coastal Current Multi-Depth Drifter Release

August 15 11:00 EDT (1500Z)

Drifter Location Forecast (33hr)

Flowmap and Drifter Trajectory Forecast (tilted box and 5X4 grid) for 15 Aug 1500Z to 16 Aug 1500Z 2017, Issued 15 Aug 2017 (5pm)

The following figures show the flowmaps and trajectories for a tilted box in the domain, at different times. In the last row of the table, trajectories for a 33 hours period are shown for drifters released on a 5X4 grid. The grid has a model resolution of 200m.

As a reminder, 12:00Z = 08:00 EDT, i.e., local time is 4 hours behind Zulu time.

x-position (e.g., longitude) 11AM_00m_N002_X.png
y-position (e.g., latitude) 11AM_00m_N002_Y.png
Drifter Locations drifter_locations.png
Trajectories central_zoom1_color_0000cm_33hr_20170815_1500.png