AOSN-II: Altimeter SSH Anomalies 1 August - 5 September 2003

The following plots were acquired from the Colorado Center for Astrodynamics Research altimetry viewer web page ( Note that these are plots of SSH anomaly.

From their page: "Welcome to the CCAR Global Near Real-Time Sea Surface Anomly Data Viewer. This page allows you to view maps of the sea surface anomaly for any region in the global ocean (70S to 70N latitude). Maps are produced from Jason, TOPEX/POSEIDON(T/P), Geosat Follow-On(GFO) and ERS-2 altimeter data processed in near real-time, usually within 12 to 36 hours of overflight. An analysis product is based on the latest 10 days of Jason and T/P, 17 days of GFO and 35 days of ERS-2 sampling, if available. "

This first set of plots presents a picture of the large region in which AOSN-II is set.

altimeter_anomaly_0801.jpg altimeter_anomaly_0808.jpg altimeter_anomaly_0815.jpg
altimeter_anomaly_0822.jpg altimeter_anomaly_0829.jpg altimeter_anomaly_0905.jpg

This second set of plots zooms into an area just slightly larger than the HOPS Data Domain for AOSN-II.

altimeter_anomaly_0801_zoom.jpg altimeter_anomaly_0808_zoom.jpg altimeter_anomaly_0815_zoom.jpg
altimeter_anomaly_0822_zoom.jpg altimeter_anomaly_0829_zoom.jpg altimeter_anomaly_0905_zoom.jpg