AOSN-II: R/V Western Flyer Data - 7-11 July 2003

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ctd001-036_temp.jpg ctd001-036_sal.jpg
ctd001-036_rho.jpg ctd001-036_ts.jpg

Note that along the southern section, stations were repeated in the same location. There is both a shallow (200m) and deep (1000m+) station at a number of locations. Sections have been made from each for clarity. Note that the time difference between the shallow and deep stations is very short so the sections are essentially identical.

Northern Section (to 500m) Southern Section (to 500m)
ctd001-036_sect_north.jpg ctd001-036_sect_south3.jpg
Southern Section Shallow Stations (to 200m) Southern Section Deep Stations (to 200m)
ctd001-036_sect_south1.jpg ctd001-036_sect_south2.jpg