AOSN-II: R/V Point Sur Data - 2-6 August 2003

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Note that the Point Sur carried two instrument packages for carrying out CTD obsverations and performed many repeat casts. Below are vertical sections plotted using only data from one instrument package or the other. The packages are identified as "Point Sur" or "P" and "MBARI" or "M". The station identifiers below do NOT match the official stations identifiers. They are simplified for this representation.

The cruise track creates five west-east sections and one north-south. These are labeled Section 1 at the north to Section 5 at the south. Section 6 is the north-south section along the western edge of the cruise track.


"Point Sur" or "P" Stations
Section 1Section 2Section 3
P_section1.jpg P_section2.jpg P_section3.jpg
Section 4Section 5Section 6
P_section4.jpg P_section5.jpg P_section6.jpg


"MBARI" or "M" Stations
Section 1Section 4Section 5
M_section1.jpg M_section4.jpg M_section5.jpg