AOSN II - Monterey Bay 2003 - Hot Wash-Up meeting in Monterey on 6-7 November 2003

Presentations (In Powerpoint and PDF [except McManus])

  • Bellingham Introduction and Agenda [PDF Version]
  • Bellingham MARS Overview [PDF Version]
  • Chandler Skill Metrics [PDF Version]
  • Chao ROMS Modeling [PDF Version]
  • Chavez AOSN-II Observations [PDF Version]
  • Chavez IOOS [PDF Version]
  • Davis Scripps Glider Observations [PDF Version]
  • Doyle COAMPS [PDF Version]
  • Fratantoni WHOI Glider Operations [PDF Version]
  • Gangopadhyay Feature Models [PDF Version]
  • Leonard Coordinated Control [PDF Version]
  • Majumdar Ensemble Generation [PDF Version]
  • Marsden Lagrangian Coherent Structures [PDF Version]
  • McManus Hydrography and Currents [PDF Only]
  • McManus CIMT [PDF Version]
  • Paduan Surface Current Mapping [PDF Version]
  • Ramp Aircraft Observations [PDF Version]
  • Robinson/Lermusiaux HOPS Modeling [PDF Version]
  • Ryan Process Studies [PDF Version]
  • Shulman ICON Modeling [PDF Version]

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