From Steve Ramp - Movie of CODAR/SST from Aircraft

Courtesy of Steven Ramp, Dept. of Oceanography, Naval Postgraduate School

"Attached is the movie (animated gif file, should play with Quicktime) for Aug 15 to Sept 1 2000. There is a lot to see in here. The black vectors are CODAR surface currents, 6-hour averages. When there was an airplane flight, these then appear as colors, blue cold, warm red. The two red arrows are the winds from the two MBARI buoys. The movie shows a series of upwelling-relaxation-upwelling-relaxation events. You can see the CC water move onshore towards the end of the movie. The warm water in the bay itself at the end of august was due to solar heating of a surface microlayer on an extraordinarily calm day, and not advection. This can be shown rigorously with corroborating in situ data sets."