AOSN-II NMWG meeting at Harvard 13 Nov. 2002

Meeting Report

  • Report (in Word Format). (PDF Version)

    Meeting Agenda

  • Agenda (in Word Format). (PDF Version)

    Powerpoint Presentations

  • Patrick Haley on HOPS Modeling. (PDF Version)
  • Pierre Lermusiaux on Error Sub-space Statistical Estimation (ESSE). (PDF Version)
  • Wayne Leslie on Operational Forecasting. (PDF Version)
  • Igor Shulman on Modeling and Data Assimilation in Monterey Bay Area. (PDF Version)
  • Yi Chao on ROMS at JPL. (At the authors request, this presentation is currently available only by email).
  • Dennis McGillicuddy on Adjoint Modeling. (PDF Version)

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