HOPS sample output

The table below contains links to HOPS output at 1hr resolution during the 2006 ASAP experiment. The files contains velocity data (cm/s) at the following 5 depths

Note: There are two type of output files, with different orientations for the velocity components:

Along Grid
the velocities are oriented along the grids. (i.e. "zonal" components are generally on/off shore and "meridional" components are generally along shore)
the velocities are expressed as true zonal and meridional components.

 Plots  NetCDF files
surface V (6hr) 30m V (6hr)
full domain
Along Grid peMBy_nst_270706_00_260806_19_01h.nc
Geographic peMBy_geo_nst_270706_00_260806_19_01h.nc
Año Nuevo
Along Grid peAnN_nst_270706_00_260806_19_01h.nc
Geographic peAnN_geo_nst_270706_00_260806_19_01h.nc

The file names can be interpreted as follows:

 domain  start time           output frequency
  vvv     ddmmyy hh           hh
      ^^^           ddmmyy hh
   nest flag        end time

where nst indicates output from a nested run and sa indicates output from a non-nested (stand-alone) run.

To help extract data from these files in Matlab, we include the function readhopspe.m. To use this function, you'll also need to download

  1. The appropriate mexnc for your system
  2. the NetCDF ToolBox
Then you need to edit your MATLABPATH to include the necessary directories. In the below example, both mexnc and the NetCDF ToolBox were installed in the directory /matlab/toolbox/local
Notice that you have to include two additional subdirectories that are part of the NetCDF ToolBox.