Test Fields for the January 2006 Virtual Pilot Exercise

DomainTracer Fields Velocity Fields
0.5km Ano Nuevo TSCanonuevo.nc.gz
1.5km AOSN-II TSCaosnii.nc.gz
  Temperature Horizontal Velocity
  Salinity Vertical Velocity
  Sound Speed  

To the right are compressed HOPS PE output files that can be used to test software for the January 2006 Virtual Pilot Exercise. These files contain the hourly output of a 35 day (6 August 2003 at 00:00:00Z through 10 September 2003 at 00:00:00Z), two-way nested simulation of the 2003 AOSN-II experiment, forced with COAMPS atmospheric fluxes and the OTIS forward-model tidal fields over high-resolution topography. The table to the right also indicates the approximate size (compressed/uncompressed) of each file and its contents. The PE output covers the domains outlined in green in the figure below, with the following parameters:

Ano Nuevo:
500.4m horizontal resolution,
horizontal grid: 102 (along shore) × 77 (across shore)
Nb of vertical levels: 22
Horizontal velocities U,V are true zonal /meridional
1501.2m horizontal resolution
horizontal grid: 96 (along shore) × 83 (across shore)
Nb of vertical levels: 22
Horizontal velocities U,V are true zonal/meridional

Although we plan to continue improving our "true ocean" fields for January, the formats will remain unchanged. Our goals for the final "true ocean" fields are to:

To read/interpolate these fields in Matlab we also provide the script readhopspe.m. This script is based on the NetCDF Toolbox written by Chuck Denham. Note that the version of readhopspe here is an updated version to work with nested domains and the sound speed field.