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Preparing Fields for the Dynamical Models in HOPS

The packages represent the final stage before running a dynamical model. Data is mapped onto the model domains, freeing the dynamical models from extraneous baggage.


This package takes gridded volume fields and prepares them for insertion into the HOPS PE model as either initialization & boundary condition data or as assimilation fields. Its specific tasks include

  1. Assembly of the objectively analyzed fields with the model grid definitions.
  2. Interpolation of the data from flat analysis levels to terrain following model levels.
  3. Construction of velocity fields via geostrophy. These velocity fields are then vertically interpolated and decomposed into baroclinic and barotropic fields. The determination of the barotropic is particularly sensitive and PE_initial devotes considerable machinery to it.
  4. Scaling of error fields.


This package takes gridded surface flux fields (wind stress, net heat flux, evaporation - precipitation, and shortwave radiation) and interpolates them onto the model grid.

Field Preparation Software

Directory Files Date
Size Compressed
Size Uncompressed
PE_initial/ Readme.peini 08/17/2001 28858
peini_9.10.tar.Z 08/17/2001 252955 1034752
Ex_peini_9.10.tar.gz 08/17/2001 10259707 20267520
PE_forcing/ Readme.pefrc 01/24/2001 17681
pefrc_3.5.tar.Z 01/24/2001 50666 207360
Ex_pefrc_3.5.tar.gz 01/24/2001 5636030 9185280