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Visualizing HOPS output

The final element in a forecasting operation is validation/verification of the results. An important validation/verification tool is visualization. The netCDF output of HOPS should be readily imported by most visualization software. As a convenience we provide several simple visualization tool built on the NCAR Graphics® libraries.

Plotting Package

This package is a collection of programs to provide 2-dimensional sections of the 4-dimensional (space & time) HOPS output fields. The basic programs provide either horizontal or vertical plots in either color-maps or black & white contours:

Basic Programs
Color Black & White
Horizontal ccnt_ncar cnt_ncar
Vertical csec_ncar sec_ncar

The color versions are a little easier to visually digest. The black & white versions are more readily shared over fax (e.g. ship to shore).

Plotting Software

Directory Files Date
Size Compressed
Size Uncompressed
Plot/ Readme.plot 01/05/2000 31341
pltpack_3.5.tar.Z 01/05/2000 310670 1233408
palette.tar.Z 07/31/1995 10948 49152
pltdat.tar 08/02/2000 74016256