Adriatic Topographies

1 minute topgraphy 7.5 second topography
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A one minute resolution topography. Derived from DBDB1 NATO Topography with some modifications in the Spli area.
A 7.5 second resolution topography. Taken from the NURC web site, with fill-in from GSHHS and SRMT30.

Comparing these two topographies in the above images, one of the most obvious differences is that the 7.5 second topography shows a greater isolation between the mid-Adriatic holes and the southern abyss.

Nello Russo points out that the sill depth between the central and southern Adriatic is 170m. This clearly comes down in favor of the DBDB1 topography. Quickly looking at the remaining NURC topographies show the same shallow sill.

30 second NURC topgraphy 1 minute NURC topgraphy
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