WHOI WE Glider Data

Plots of the positions, composite t(z), s(z), rho(z) and t-s for all casts, and individual plots of t(z) and s(z) are available for each glider below. Clicking on the individual plots brings up a large version of the plot. Clicking on the glider name gets you to the plots for that glider.

Last revised 12 January 2004.

Individual WHOI Gliders

WE04 WE05 WE06
WE04/we04_prf_pos.jpg WE05/we05_prf_pos.jpg WE06/we06_prf_pos.jpg
WE07 WE08 WE09
WE07/we07_prf_pos.jpg WE08/we08_prf_pos.jpg WE09/we09_prf_pos.jpg
WE10 WE11 WE12
WE10/we10_prf_pos.jpg WE11/we11_prf_pos.jpg WE12/we12_prf_pos.jpg