Publications for the Monterey Bay region

Tides and Internal Waves

Numerical Simulations and Observations of the Internal Tide in a Submarine Canyon
Leslie K. Rosenfeld, Jeffrey D. Paduan, Emil T. Petruncio, and J. Eduardo Goncalves
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Internal waves, solitary-like waves, and mixing on the Monterey Bay shelf
Glenn S. Carter, Michael C. Gregg, and Ren-Chieh Lien
Continental Shelf Research, 25 (2005), 1499–1520
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Intense, Variable Mixing near the Head of Monterey Submarine Canyon
Glenn S. Carter and Michael C. Gregg
Journal of Physical Oceanography, 32 (Nov. 2002), 3145–3165
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Internal Waves in Monterey Submarine Canyon
Eric Kunze, Leslie K. Rosenfeld, Glenn S. Carter, and Michael C. Gregg
Journal of Physical Oceanography, 32 (Jun 2002), 1890–1913
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Estimating Internal Wave Energy Fluxes in the Ocean
Jonathan D. Nash, Matthew H. Alford, and Eric Kunze
Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology, 22 (Oct 2005), 1551–1570
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Estimating Barotropic Tidal Currents Using Very Long Records From HF Radar
Jeffrey D. Paduan, Leslie K. Rosenfeld, and Michael S. Cook
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Observations of the Internal Tide in Monterey Canyon
Emil T. Petruncio, Leslie K. Rosenfeld, and Jeffrey D. Paduan
Journal of Physical Oceanography, 28 (Oct 1998), 1873–1903
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The Role of Internal Tides in the Nutrient Enrichment of Monterey Bay, California
Russell E. Sheab and William W. Broenkow
Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 15 (1982), 57-66
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California Current System and Monterey Bay Dynamics

Long-term, high-frequency current and temperature measurements along central California: insights into upwelling/relaxation and internal waves on the inner shelf
C.D. Storlazzi, M.A. McManus, and J.D. Figurski
Continental Shelf Research, 23 (2003), 901–918
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The California Current system off Monterey, California: physical and biological coupling
C.A. Collins, J.T. Pennington, C.G. Castro, T.A. Rago, and F.P. Chavez
Deep-Sea Research II, 50 (2003), 2389–2404
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Local wind forcing of the Monterey Bay area inner shelf
Patrick T. Drake, Margaret A. McManus, and Curt D. Storlazzi
Continental Shelf Research, 25 (2005), 397–417
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