Summer Meetings 2020

Meeting #     Date Presenter Summary
1 07/09/2020        

Chinmay Kulkarni, Abhinav Gupta and Pierre Lermusiaux

Data-Driven Model Discovery and Prediction of Dynamical Systems
2 07/16/2020

Pierre Lermusiaux

Ocean Test Cases
3 07/23/2020

Tamara Broderick

Background and new directions for quantifying uncertainty

Stefanie Jegelka

Interesting Machine Learning methods

4 07/30/2020

Mikael Chekroun and Jim McWilliams

Nonlinear parameterizations of the unresolved scales and the closure problem

Lawrence Carin

Things Machine Learning Can Do and the Path Forward
5 08/06/2020

Chinmay Kulkarni

Learning of Advective Fluid Transport in Marine Environments
6 08/13/2020

Tamay Ozgokmen

CARTHE program
7 08/20/2020

John Lodise

Using Gaussian Process Regression to Reconstruct Velocity Fields From Lagrangian Drifter Velocities

Steven Cocke

Machine Learning for Data Assimilation
8 08/27/2020

Tamara Broderick

Fast Discovery of Pairwise Interactions in High Dimensions using Bayes
9 09/03/2020

Lawrence Carin

On Demystifying Adversarial Learning

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