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MSEAS Source Code Repository

This is the repository for the source code for MSEAS (Multidisciplinary, Simulation, Estimation and Assimilation Systems) software.   You must be a registered user in order to download any of these packages.

Source code packages are available from the "Downloads" folder.


Please send an email to phaley (at) mit (dot) edu, with "MSEAS Source Codes" as the subject, which includes your name, affiliation, address, requested user name and brief information as to your intended use of the MSEAS software.  Alternatively, click on the "Request Access/Register" tab above and fill in the information requested above.

Software Descriptions

A description of the various software components of MSEAS, and links to references for the software, can be found through this link.
A complete listing of MSEAS group publications can be found on the MSEAS web site publications page.

Software Type
General Description
Software Location
Last Update
Ocean Dynamical Model
Primitive Equation Finite Volume Dynamical Model
Primitive Equation FV Model
Feb 4, 2022
Plotting Matlab scripts to plot results from the dynamical model
Plotting - PE Model
Matlab scripts to plot in situ data
Plotting - Profile Data
Tools Matlab scripts to extract model fields on horizontal surfaces
Extraction - Model Fields  
Matlab scripts to read MSEAS bottom topography
Extraction - Topography  
Domain Creation Codes to generate MSEAS model grids
Gridding Dec 4, 2015
Codes to mask MSEAS model grids
Masking Nov 23, 2021
Codes to condition MSEAS model grids
Objective Analysis (OA)
Codes to objectively analyze (map) data
PE Initial
Codes to prepare OA'd fields as initial conditions for MSEAS model
PE Initial Oct 26, 2021
Atmospheric Forcing
Codes to read forcing data and prepare fields for MSEAS
Data Management
Tools to manipulate in situ data
Tidal Model
Software for MSEAS barotropic tidal model
Barotropic Tides Oct 27, 2022
Finite Volume Matlab Framework
Software for MIT class 2.29




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