ASAP: Adaptive Sampling and Prediction
P.F.J. Lermusiaux, P.J. Haley, Jr.,
W.G. Leslie, O. Logutov

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Center for Ocean Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Real-time Data, Analyses and Forecast Pages

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NetCDF files with Simulation Field Estimates

The following files contain our MIT field estimates in time and 3D space, for the following variables: temperature, salinity, surface pressure, total velocity, vertical velocity. The estimates are from a pair of two-way nested grids. The 1.5km grid in the alongshore direction is roughly centered around Monterey Bay, extending northward to San Francisco Bay. The 500km resolution grid is a zoom around Point Ano Nuevo.To create horizontal maps at given depth or sections at given lat/lon, don't hesitate to contact us.

NetCDF files
  1.5km Resolution Grid 500m Nested Grid
Along Grid
Geographic Grid

Temperature and Velocity Plots

Plots of surface and 12m temperature along with de-tided surface velocities in a domain around Point Año Nuevo for the period 27 July - 26 August 2006 can be found here.

Barotropic Tides

Research is ongoing into the calculation and representation of the barotropic tides in the region. Recent results can be found here.

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PIs: Naomi Leonard, Russ Davis, David Fratantoni, Steve Ramp, Henrik Schmidt, Jerry Marsden, Ralph Bachmayer
Collaborating PIs: Jim Bellingham, Yi Chao, Sharan Majumdar, Igor Shulman

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