External Review meeting in Washington on 9-10 January 2003

Meeting Report

Meeting Agenda and Attendees

  • Agenda (in Word Format). [PDF Version]
  • Attendees (in Word Format). [PDF Version]


  • Bellingham/Robinson Introduction [PDF Version]
  • Bellingham/Robinson Concluding Remarks [PDF Version]
  • Chandler - System Design (No PDF version due to embedded movie)
  • Chandler System Block Diagram [PDF Version]
  • Chao ROMS [PDF Version]
  • Duarte_Blidberg Common Control Language [PDF Version]
  • Fratantoni Observational Assets [PDF Version]
  • Haddock Ecosystem Priorities [PDF Version]
  • Leonard Glider Adaptive Sampling and Control [PDF Version]
  • Leonard - LCS Movie
  • Leonard - Feedback Control Movie
  • Ramp Science Issues for AOSN-II [PDF Version]
  • Robinson/Lermusiaux HOPS/ESSE [PDF Version]
  • Robinson Modeling/Adaptive Sampling Group Reports [PDF Version]
  • Shulman ICON [PDF Version]
  • Thomas Asset Descriptions [PDF Version]

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