Analysis and Forecasts for 21 Jul 0000Z to 23 Jul 0000Z 2017, Issued 21 Jul 2017 (noon)

Updated ICs and assimilated SST

Click on any depth label for a full set of plots.

Snapshot Time-Series of the Estimated Ocean State (every 3 hours)
Full Modeling Domain
Sigma-T Velocity Temperature Salinity
Sigma-T Velocity Temperature Salinity
Sigma-T Velocity Temperature Salinity
Vorticity, Barotropic Velocity, and Surface Elevation
2m Vorticity Barotropic Velocity Surface Elevation

To obtain the MSEAS files, contact the MSEAS group.

The file names can be interpreted as follows (all times are in UTC):

            time of last
          analysis field          time of last
           in simulation        fields in file
              yyyymmddHH            yyyymmddHH
                         yyyymmddHH            HH
                      time of first    frequency with which
                     fields in file  fields are stored in file

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