Harvard/SACLANTCEN -- Nowcasts/Forecasts

HOPS modeling domains

The Harvard Ocean Prediction System (HOPS) is being exercised in a real-time forecast mode in the domains shown to the right. The larger, "Channel", domain spans the gap between Italy and Corsica. Information from the Channel domain will be used to maintain the boundaries of the high resolution "Elba" domain.

The objectives of the Harvard forecasting group are:

  1. To provide nowcasts, forecasts and adaptive sampling guidance for the GOATS/MEANS experiment.
  2. To demonstrate inter-model nested operations.

The inter-model nesting will be accomplished between HOPS and POM. The POM fields will be used to maintain the boundary regions of the Channel domain which will, in turn, maintain the Elba domain.

The products presently available from HOPS are the following fields.