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Spatiotemporal Encoding/Decoding of Nonlinear Dynamics Using Compressive Sensing and Machine Learning

Speaker: J. Nathan Kutz
[Announcement (PDF)]
Speaker Affiliation: Chair Applied Mathematics, Adjunct Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics, University of Washington
Date: Wednesday 19 June at 11:00AM in 5-314


Predicting Estuarine Transport in Galveston Bay – Challenges with Modelling a Complex Real-World System

Speaker: Matt Rayson
[Announcement (PDF)]
Speaker Affiliation: Environmental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Stanford University
Date: Thursday 6 June at 11:00AM in 5-314


The Potential Impacts of Climate Change on the Delaware Bay Oyster

Speaker: Dale B. Haidvogel
[Announcement (PDF)]
Speaker Affiliation: Institute of Marine and Coastal Sciences, Rutgers University
Date: Thursday May 9 at 4:00PM in 4-237
CCE Seminar


Discontinuous Galerkin Methods in Nonlinear Dynamics

Speaker: Craig Michoski
[Announcement (PDF)]
Speaker Affiliation: University of Texas, Austin
Date: Thursday 28 Feb at 12:00PM in 5-314


Implicit Sampling for Data Assimilation

Speaker: Matthias Morzfeld
[Announcement (PDF)]
Speaker Affiliation: Department of Mathematics, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Date: Tuesday 26 Feb at 3:00PM in 5-314


Coupled 4D-variational physical and biological data assimilation in the California Current System

Speaker: Hajoon Song
[Announcement (PDF)]
Speaker Affiliation: University of California, Santa Cruz
Date: Friday 18 Jan at 11:30AM in 5-314