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Past Project – Acoustic Counter Detection Tactical Decision Aid (ACDTDA)

The primary goal of our MIT component is to provide expertise in ocean modeling, data assimilation and uncertainty quantification for coupled oceanographic-acoustic predictions. Our MSEAS team provides forecast and hindcast simulations of the uncertainty in the environment. In such high-fidelity multi-resolution simulations, the probability density function of the full ocean state is predicted and include the integration of model estimates with observations. With this modeling and data assimilation, accurate estimates of the probability density functions (pdf) of oceanographic variability are available. They become inputs to our end-to-end oceanographic-seabed-acoustic-sonar probabilistic TDAs and thus allow us to estimate and forecast realistic acoustic vulnerability. These oceanographic pdf estimates are provided by the MIT team for the East China Sea, Taiwan and Kuroshio region. Other regions which involve operationally relevant ocean-acoustic studies, e.g. the Middle Atlantic Bight Shelfbreak front region, as well as the Kauai Strait and Hawaiian Islands region can also be utilized.