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Autonomous Tow Vessels for Offshore Macroalgae Farming

The matter of ocean forecasting and route planning is an important aspect of maximizing the value of the Autonomous Tow Vessels for Offshore Macroalgae Farming developed C.A. Goudey & Associates. For this challenging project, we apply and further develop our experience with the optimization of vehicle trajectories in dynamic flow fields and in forecasting such flows and optimal trajectories. Our MSEAS group research has an emphasis on the following support: (1) Examine the importance of route optimization in Drone Tug applications in local tidal and coastal flows based on speed and maneuvering abilities; (2) Consultations on Drone Tug evaluation and applications with a focus on operations in the vicinity of Woods Hole and Nantucket Sound; (3) Support of Drone Tug demonstrations at Nantucket Sound kelp farm.