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Past Project – Integrated Ocean Dynamics and Acoustics (IODA)

The goal is multi-resolution data-assimilative modeling to study truly multi-scale coastal ocean dynamics and their acoustic effects, with an emphasis on resolving internal tides and long nonlinear internal waves and their interactions with the real ocean, including:
  • All coastline, shelf, shelfbreak and deep ocean features; high-resolution steep bathymetry; and, atmospheric fluxes as external forcing
  • Stochastic parameterizations of sub-grid scales (nonlinear internal waves and other effects) for 4D hydrostatics models, and new non-hydrostatic HDG scheme in idealized conditions
Studies involve the coupling of ocean-acoustic models in 4D, using a hierarchy of acoustic codes, in collaboration with MIT and other PIs. The specific research tasks include:
  • Complete multiscale ocean re-analyses, improving initial conditions and model parameters and increasing resolutions, and distribute these fields for collaborative internal wave and acoustic studies with other PIs
  • Quantify multiscale ocean dynamics using term balances and multiscale energy and vorticity analyses focusing on internal tides and waves at the shelf-edge
  • Couple oceanic and acoustic deterministic models in 4D for unified studies of idealized and realistic processes, in collaboration with NM, DY and WHOI
  • Develop stochastic parameterizations of sub-grid scale physics based on the statics of our deterministic simulations, and quantify ocean and acoustic uncertainties using our new dynamically orthogonal equations, in collaboration with WHOI and MIT
  • Utilize new 4D non-hydrostatic HDG model for high-resolution studies of effects on internal waves from the atmosphere, stratification and shelfbreak front features