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Flavia Barbosa

Flávia Barbosa is a visiting student from Portugal. She received her Master degree in Mechanical Engineering from the School of Engineering of University of Minho in 2015 and she is currently at her 2nd year of PhD. The focus of her research in MSEAS group is numerical simulation and uncertainty quantification. To stay focus and energetic, Flavia enjoys practicing sports in her free times. She is currently working on:
  • Convection from multiple jets over a complex moving surface
Her publications so far include:
  • Barbosa, F.V., Teixeira, J.C.F, Lima, R. A. M. M., Soares, D.F., Pinho, D. M. D., “Rheology of F620 Solder Paste and Flux”, Soldering & Surface Mount Technology, 2018 (accepted manuscript).
  • Barbosa, F.V., Silva, J.P.V., Ribeiro, P.E.A., Teixeira, S.F.C.F., Teixeira, J.C.F., “An Experimental Setup for Multiple Air Jet Impingement over a Surface”, ASME 2018 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition IMECE 2018, Nov 9 -15, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.
  • Barbosa, F.V., Silva, J.P.V., Teixeira, S.F.C.F., Soares, D.F., Santos, D.N.F.S., Delgado, I.A.C.C.F., Teixeira, J.C.F., “Multiple Jet Impingement in Reflow Soldering – A Numerical Approach”, World Conference Engineering 2018, London, UK.
  • Barbosa, F. V., Ribeiro, P. E. A., Cerqueira, M. F., Delfim, F. S., Teixeira, J. C. F., Teixeira, S. F. C. F., Lima, R. A. M. M., Pinho, D. M. D. (2017). Proceedings of the ASME 2017 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition IMECE 2017, Nov. 3-9, Tampa, Florida, USA.
  • Barbosa, F. V., Teixeira, J. C. F., Vilarinho M. C. L. G., Araújo, J. M. M. G. (2017). Gasification of RDF from MSW – an overview. Proceedings book of the 4th edition of the International Conference WASTES 2017 (p.). Porto.
  • Barbosa, F.V., Afonso, J. L., Rodrigues, F. B., Teixeira & J. C. F. (2016). Development of a solar concentrator with tracking system, Mech. Sci., 7, 233-245, doi:10.5194/ms-7-233-2016, 2016.