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Aman Jalan

I joined MSEAS as an SM MechE candidate in the Fall of 2020. My research broadly spans the areas of Bayesian Inference and Machine Learning for oceanic dynamical systems. Prior to joining MIT, I completed my Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering and Master’s in Data Sciences at IIT Madras, India. During my 5 wonderful undergraduate years, I had the good fortune of doing research in both academic and industrial settings. For my undergraduate thesis, I worked on augmenting a popular causal inference technique to identify causal climatic dependencies from spatial-temporal data. On the industrial front, my experiences run the gamut from cutting losses for an early-stage food-delivery startup to researching quantitative trading strategies for a hedge fund. Outside of research, I am an avid non-fiction reader (recently started foraying into fiction), a mediocre tennis player and travel enthusiast.