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Visualizing scalar volumetric data with uncertainty

Djurcilov, S., K. Kim, P.F.J. Lermusiaux and A. Pang, 2002. Visualizing scalar volumetric data with uncertainty. Computers and Graphics, 26 (2): 239-248.

Increasingly, more importance is placed on the uncertainty information of data being displayed. This paper focuses on techniques for visualizing 3D scalar data sets with corresponding uncertainty information at each point which is also representedas a scalar value. In Djurcilov (in: D. Ebert, J.M. Favre, R. Peikert (Eds.), Data Visualization 2001, Springer, Berlin, 2001), we presentedtwo general methods (inline DVR approach anda post-processing approach) for carrying out this task. The first methodinvolves incorporating the uncertainty information directly into the volume rendering equation. The second method involves post-processing information of volume rendered images to composite uncertainty information.