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BBN POSYDON Engineering Sea Test 2018

Mid-Atlantic/New York Bight Region - May 2018

P.F.J. Lermusiaux, P.J. Haley,
C. Mirabito, W. Ali,
A. Gupta, J. Coulin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Center for Ocean Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Cambridge, Massachusetts

E. Dorfman, M. Goldsmith,
A. Kofford,
A. Laferriere, G. Shepard
Raytheon BBN Technologies
K. Heaney, J. Boyle
L. Freitag, A. Morozov
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Real-time modeling

Data sources
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POSYDON-POINT Project Main Page

The POSYDON Engineering Sea Test 2018 occurs in the Middle Atlantic - New York Bight Region in May 2018. It is a test of both the BBN data collection instruments and the MSEAS software to be used in the upcoming August 2018 Sea Exercise.

This research is sponsored by DARPA.

Real-time MSEAS Ensemble Forecasting

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Data sources

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