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Mid-Atlantic/New York Bight Region - January - February - March 2017

P.F.J. Lermusiaux, P.J. Haley,
S. Jana, C. Mirabito, W. Ali,
A. Gupta
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Center for Ocean Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Cambridge, Massachusetts

E. Dorfman, M. Goldsmith,
A. Kofford,
A. Laferriere, G. Shepard
Raytheon BBN Technologies
K. Heaney, J. Boyle
L. Freitag, A. Morozov
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Real-time modeling

Data sources

POSYDON-POINT Project Main Page

The POSYDON Sea Exercise 2017 occurs in the Middle Atlantic - New York Bight Region for January-February-March 2017. In collaboration with the POINT team, our objectives are to utilize the MIT MSEAS system to: (i) forecast the probability of high-resolution ocean fields using our ESSE methodology; (ii) transfer the corresponding distribution of the sound speed field to three-dimensional underwater sound propagation uncertainties; (iii) collect sufficient data to evaluate the accuracy of the Bayesian tomographic inversion and of its posterior estimates of range between transducers and sound velocity profiles (SVPs). We thank the POINT team members for their collaboration, the HYCOM team for their real-time ocean fields, and the NCEP HIRESW 5km, NCEP GFSp25, NAVGEM 0p5, and COAMPS NWATL NCEP teams for their real-time atmospheric flux forecasts.

This research is sponsored by DARPA.

Real-time MSEAS Ensemble Forecasting

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Data sources

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