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Chinmay and Pierre Present Recent Research at SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems

Graduate student Chinmay Kulkarni and Prof. Pierre Lermusiaux presented some of the recent results from our MSEAS group on Lagrangian Coherent Structures at the SIAM Conference on Applications of Dynamical Systems at Snowbird, Utah between May 21 and 25, 2017.

Jing wins travel award to attend UQ workshop at UT Austin

Jing Lin, a fifth year graduate student, has been selected to receive a travel award to attend the Workshop on Uncertainty Quantification and Data-Driven Modeling, to be held from March 23 to 24, 2017, at the University of Texas at Austin, Texas, USA. Congratulations Jing!

Group members meet Indian environment minister

PhD Candidates Deepak Subramani and Tapovan Lolla and Prof Pierre Lermusiaux attended an environment focussed meeting with Honorable Prakash Javadekar, the Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change in the Govt. of India at the MIT Tata Center on 4/16/15. The group’s research efforts with a focus on India specific goals and the new Tata Project (2015-17) were discussed during the meeting.

International workshop on “Probabilistic Approaches to Data Assimilation for Earth Systems”

Prof. Pierre Lermusiaux was an invited lecturer at the International Workshop on “Probabilistic Approaches to Data Assimilation for Earth Systems” which took place in Banff, Canada from 17-22 February, 2013 […]

Stochastic Assimilation for the Next Generation Ocean Model Applications (SANGOMA)

Prof. Pierre Lermusiaux is an invited international external adviser to the European project Stochastic Assimilation for the Next Generation Ocean Model Applications (SANGOMA), which will be providing new developments in data assimilation for future operational forecasting and monitoring systems. He is giving a talk on Bayesian Data Assimilation and Learning of Stochastic Dynamical Models: State, Parameters, also Model Structures at their first annual meeting.

Working with Uncertainty Workshop

Prof. Pierre Lermusiaux is an invited Panelist and Lecturer at the “Working with Uncertainty Workshop: Representation, Quantification, Propagation, Visualization, and Communication of Uncertainty”, as part of IEEE VisWeek 2011. This workshop will take place October 24, 2011 in Providence, RI.

ESPC-DA workshop at the University of Maryland

Prof. Pierre Lermusiaux was one of the co-organizers of a workshop on Ocean Integration in Earth System Prediction Capability Data Assimilation. This took place 27-29 September 2011 at the University of Maryland.


Members of the group will be attending IMUM 2011 – The 10th InternationalbWorkshop on Multiscale (Un-)structured Mesh Numerical Modelling for coastal, shelf and global ocean dynamics. Prof. Lermusiaux is a member of the Organizing Committee.

NSF Pioneer Array Science Workshop

Prof. Pierre Lermusiaux was the MIT representative, NSF Pioneer Array Science Workshop, February 22-24, 2011.

MREA Workshop at NATO Undersea Research Centre

Prof. Pierre Lermusiaux co-chaired the workshop on Maritime Rapid Environmental Assessment Conference: Quantifying, Predicting, Exploiting Uncertainties in Marine Environments at the NATO Undersea Research Center in Lerici, Italy


The International workshop on Multiscale (Un)-structured mesh numerical ocean Modeling (IMUM2010), Cambridge, MA, 17-20 August 2010 was organized and hosted by the MSEAS group