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Graduate Students

  • Completed Masters Degree
    MS Thesis: Riemannian Geometry of Matrix Manifolds for Lagrangian Uncertainty Quantification of Stochastic Fluid Flows

    Graduate Student, France
  • Completed Masters Degree
    MS Thesis: Modeling Flow Encountering Abrupt Topography using Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Projection Methods

    Sandia National Laboratory
  • Lieutenant, USN. Completed MS Thesis: "Time Optimal Multi Waypoint Mission Planning in Dynamic Flow Fields"
  • Completed Doctoral Degree
    PhD Thesis: Probabilistic Regional Ocean Predictions: Stochastic Fields and Optimal Planning.

    Assistant Professor,
    Department of Computational and Data Sciences,
    Indian Institute of Science Bangalore, INDIA
  • Completed Mechanical Engineers Degree
    M.Eng Thesis: Design of Interactive Maps for Ocean Dynamics Data

  • Grad. Student, Seagrant

Undergraduate Students

    Former Post-docs

    • 2007-2010
      Financial Software Developer
      Bloomberg L.P.
      New York, NY USA
    • 2007-2010
      Research Scientist
      Department of Fisheries & Oceans
      St Johns, Newfoundland, Canada
    • 2012-2013
      Assistant Professor
      Large Lakes Observatory
      University of Minnesota Duluth
      2205 E. 5th St.,
      Research Laboratory Building 213
      Duluth, MN 55812
    • 2016-2018
      Assistant Professor,
      Adamas University, West Bengal, India
    • 2016-2017
      Assistant Professor,
      Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering,
      Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering (MICDE),
      University of Michigan

    Former Researchers

    Visiting Professors

    • Assistant Professor
      Department of Information Engineering, University of Pisa, Italy
      Summer 2014

    Visitors and Collaborating Students

    • Visiting Scholar 2019
    • RSI Scholar 2019
    • Visiting Graduate Student
      Summer 2010
    • Phys. Oc. MIT-WHOI Joint Program
    • Visiting Undergrad. Student (Spring 2018)
      Senior, Mines Paristech, France


    • IT consultant
    • IT consultant

    Former Administrative Assistants